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Workcentre Administration

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The Front Office

The Front Office is the nerve centre where you go when you want to find out... well, anything about anything! From here all aspects of the Workcentre's many activities are co-ordinated.

Manager : Alli Gardener

Alli Gardener - ManagerAlli arrived at the Workcentre in 1994, assigned by Task Force Green as the project manager to co-ordinate the construction of some new buildings. Her present role, as Manager, is a good example of the organic way the Workcentre has tended to grow. Roles develop in accord with the abilities of individuals. In a organisation that is non-hierarchical, Alli's role is to assign the appropriate person or place for each piece of paperwork that crosses her desk. This, of course, leads to many other avenues...

Simon ShawSimon Shaw

Simon Shaw is an office person, and multi-tasking administrator. He has lived in the Bay since 2003. Simon is a qualified LTNZ driving instructor and provides youth and adults the opportunity to work towards attaining their driver's licence. At the Workcentre he is the Fire Safety Officer. Simon is also a Youth Services Coach, a co-ordinator for Heartland Services and an all round good guy.

Caitrin TomlinsonCaitrin Tomlinson

Caitrin has been employed as an Office Administrator since 2018. She undertakes a multitude of administration tasks and is a valuable member of our office team.


Finance and Projects

Finance Manager : Robert Hewison

Robert joined the Workcentre as Finance Manager in 2015. He has the overview of the finances and works alongside the Financial Administrator in a teaching and guidance role. He also negotiates contracts, sets budgets, reports to Trustees and maintains and develops accounting systems.

Financial Administrator : Mary Ann Tait

Mary Ann wears several 'hats' at the Workcentre, one of which is Financial Administrator. She also works as a co-ordinator for Heartland Services, maintains the computer systems, and is HOD for Youth Learning Programmes.


Workcentre staff were initially employed to develop community volunteer projects, some of the projects are now well established, including the Takaka Hill Walkway, the Collingwood Cemetery reserve walkway.

They have also undertaken, or been involved in, a range of social research projects for both central and local government agencies. Some of these include:

  • Golden Bay Social Golden Bay in 2022 - a report on current issues and potential futures facing Golden Bay through the eyes of local residents. View PDF format report (604KB)
  • Report (2004) for MSD - an investigation into the extent of sub standard housing (2007) for HNZC. View PDF format report


Heartland Services

Heartland ServicesInitially established in the neighbouring Community Centre building, Heartland Services is now located, in a purpose-built building, across the road at Commercial Street.

Heartland Services shares office space and services with the Golden Bay branch of Work and Income NZ. However, co-ordinators also provide invaluable PA services to Golden Bay Workcentre.


The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees guides the Trust intelligently and effectively.

They are a strong core group who have participated in extending their own knowledge of the multiplicity of Workcentre programmes, schemes and jurisdictions. They also manage a wide range of other projects for the community of Golden Bay. The Trust represents many different walks of life with different viewpoints.

As an organisation of considerable longevity (36 years old in 2015) the Trust has an established and credible role as a key player in the social landscape of Golden Bay both locally and regionally.

Patrons: Geoff Rennison and Laurelee Duff

The members of the currrent board are:

  • Roger File
  • Alli Gardener, Manager (ex-officio)
  • Robert Hewison, Financial Manager (non-trustee)
  • Lisa Lewis
  • Sabina Wick (staff representative)
  • Hess Williams