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Onsite Business located at GB Workcentre Trust

  • Trash Palace
  • Fresh FM
  • IDEA Services
  • Helping Hands

Trash Palace

Trash PalaceForget the houses of Versace and Gucci! Golden Bay fashionistas, who are really in the know, do their shopping at Trash Palace.

As a non-profit organisation run by 10 plus dedicated volunteers who donate all profits back to community groups and less fortunate people, is holding its own since 1993.

Trash Palace is open Monday to Friday 10.00 am until 3.00 pm.

The staff say..."The Workcentre is a great place to be, it is a very social, friendly area and there's always something happening".

Fresh FM logo

Fresh FM

FRESH FM is a community supported and accessed radio station. It started out as Harvest Radio in Motueka and Boulder Radio in Nelson in about 1994 and eventually came together to form FRESH FM.

There are now three studios - in Nelson, in Motueka, and the Takaka Studio.

FRESH FM plays a great variety of music from all around the world, and have the odd show of Kiwi music. They are on air 24/7, 365 days a year alternating between the three studios.

Our website is:

IDEA Services logoIDEA Services

The objectives of vocational services are:

1. To increase the participation of people with disabilities in employment.

2. To increase the participation of people in their communities.

IDEA Services clientIDEA supports people to find paid employment with the same rights and conditions as other workers. The ability to participate in the community is also critically importan t for a sense of inclusion. While for some, this is achieved through work, for others it is through community-based activities, education and training.

At the Workcentre our role is to help those in need to meet people, to learn new things of interest and be part of the scene in this happy social environment.

It is tidy and a nice old house with a sunny courtyard and friendly people where you feel included and very relaxed.

The most satisfying part is that we have a 'home' within the township. The Trust is also home to the IDEA Work Base, who we support with mail, phone, and message systems, and in any other way possible.

More information about IDEA can be found on the following website:

Helping Hands

Helping Hands signHelping Hands is part of an employment service which provides support for people with mental health issues who wish to start or return to work.

People who register with Helping Hands are usually but not exclusively members of the Te Whare Mahana residential therapeutic community in Takaka. It is possible for others outside of Te Whare Mahana to register with the scheme if they are not yet ready to participate in more mainstream forms of vocational training or work placements.

Helping Hands provides temporary paid employment opportunities for those wanting to experience different types of work but requiring some support and supervision to do so.

The scheme secures work through local 'trades and services' advertising, and matches the type of work to the preferences of its members.

Work undertaken by Helping Hands is supervised by a support worker. This supervision is phased out when participants become more confident and able to carry out jobs independently. Support may be reintroduced in those cases where new work skills are required or where difficulties arise.

The types of work experience that Helping Hands is able to offer include gardening, maintenance work, word processing, book keeping, cleaning, van/car valetting, carpentry and some building work.

Helping Hands forms part of a wider package of employment support which aims to provide the 'stepping stones' to permanent employment. For a description of these other vocational and employment services please read the information sheet for the Outreach Employment Service.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Helping Hands or other employment support should contact:

Employment Coordinator
Outreach Employment Service
163 Commercial St. Takaka
Tel: (03)525 6226
E. Mail:

Helping Hands also run an office from Golden Bay Workcentre (far end of the carpark)